Toward Materialist Aesthetics

Deconstructing Aesthetic Forms

We live in a world of images; there is nothing outside of the image. In recent centuries, the world has seen an accelerating proliferation of images, constantly under siege by their internal messages and the aesthetics that communicate them. Therefore, aesthetics are ground zero for praxis. As the image replaces the text as the dominant means of communication in social life, the political and ideological potentials of visual aesthetics grow in equal proportion.

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Probing Algorithmic Sovereignity and Datapower

Toward an Initial Understanding of Post-Spacial Network Sovereignty

Nation-state sovereignty is suffocating. Consequently the age of empirical, neoliberal politics is fast approaching its end. The following essay is an initial probe into the conditions that have enabled big tech companies to bring about the greatest global political transformation since the end of feudalism. More specifically, this essay will begin to address the conditions that have enabled major technology companies to seize the power of sovereignty from nation states, superseding state authority by infiltrating borders, walls, spaces, places, and minds. The present text is the first step toward a larger and more thorough mapping of the intersection of digital technology and post-spacial politics and power dynamics.

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The Aesthetics of Soft Automation

An Interrogation of Efficiency, Automation, and Their Aesthetics

Automated technologies have always produced their own aesthetics of the machinery of work. With the rise of new media and digital technology, the aesthetics of automation have become something entirely different: encoded ideological signifiers with the sole goal of making us work more without noticing a shift in work hours or intensity.

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A Brief Introduction

Infinite Caesura is a space for radical and speculative thinking maintained by Devin Halladay. Its purpose is to develop a holistic critical inquiry into the condition of the contemporary world and mind, delivering entries in the form of essays and aphorisms.

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