About Infinite Caesura

Basic context

I'm Devin Halladay, a designer working with signs and systems, focused on creating better tools for creativity, communication, and knowledge. I am currently a senior product designer at Manhattan Hydraulics, where we're building an embedded product development and R&D team. At Hydraulics, I also work as a generalist across teams at garden3d, Sanctuary Computer, and XXIX.

I graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2019 with a BFA in Graphic Design and Critical Theory. I have also worked as a designer for Palantir Technologies, Roam Research, Quora, 64 Robots, and Friends of the Web.

About this site

In the past, this website served as something of a personal blog. As time went on, I found myself writing more passive notes and drawing relationships between source material, than actually penning essays. I wanted a place to store all those thoughts without the pressure of publishing a typical essay, so I created this wiki. On this site, you'll find essays, working notes, creative works, and other types of media, all linked together into a network. You can view the source code here.