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A Brief Introduction


This project began with a book I produced last year, entitled The Book of Caesurae: or, How to Philosophize with Scissors.

The caesura is a rupture in time, a pregnant moment: still, yet pluripotential. From it, all potentials unravel and become. In a sense, a caesura is a genesis: a microcosm from which all other events radiate. It is a moment of deep, prescient awareness of state and condition.

This project is an infinite caesura. Written by Devin Halladay, this is a space for critical, radical, and speculative thought. Its purpose is to develop a holistic critical inquiry into the condition of the contemporary world and mind, delivering entries in the form of essays and aphorisms.

Put another way, this space (or blog, if you prefer) is intended to generate concepts that are themselves generative — active concepts which produce worlds in and of themselves, and which constitute a relational canon of concepts and ideas that act as a critical framework for understanding a world that is in a constant state of crisis.

In a more practical sense, this space is a substrate for my longer-form thoughts that Twitter can't easily contain. In terms of content, you can expect to see long-reads, short aphorisms and poems, and an occasional link with commentary. However, you should also expect to see this blog's form and content shift as time goes on — as a caesura, it is only natural that it should produce new conditions to replace the old.

After months of my friends, colleagues, and professors pushing me to build a blog and start sharing my essaysIn particular, I'd like to thank Jarrett Fuller, Steve Kistner, and Firmin DeBrabander for their constant support and encouragement, and for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to pull this site together., I've finally taken the first step. The space is here, and now all that remains is to fill it. Sounds simple enough — but time will tell.

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