Note in progress Last updated August 06, 2021

Address red flags early on and with candor.

Clients have faults just like us. But sometimes a fault or an event on your project should be a red flag, and red flags should be raised and deliberated upon. Is your client withholding information? Making unilateral decisions that affect your daily work? Is their team disorganized, or are members leaving? Do they seem unable to commit to deadlines, ideas, or deliverables? Are they demonstrating that they do not trust your expertise? These are all important signs to notice and respond to tactfully. First, surface the problems to your team to get second opinions and advice. Then, approach the client thoughtfully with your concerns. Prime the conversation and frame it as an opportunity to improve your collaboration. Then ask whether they feel this is a problem too — it's likely they do, and this lets them know you are acting in their interest.