Note in progress Last updated December 31, 2021

Interactive Online Courses

  • After the first wave of massive online education pioneered by [[MOOCs]] and expanded by [[Course Marketplaces]] there remained a need for better skills-based education online.
  • Websites like [[Codeacdemy]] exemplify are typical of this range of products, featuring interactive or executable lessons wherein students learn through doing, and are incentivized through an interactive assessment system.
  • These courses added better incentive and retention systems over [[Course Marketplaces]] but still did not really address students' needs for participatory learning beyond forums for Q&A.
  • Independent creators and educators began creating their own [[Course Toolkits]] later on which began to replace both [[Course Marketplaces]] and Interactive Courses as the most promising means of making a living as a teacher online.
  • Some more examples: